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Transfer of Goods into Terrorist Gaza Continues

The Israeli government continues to enable humanitarian measures and general transfers of goods and services to Gaza, even as Gaza terrorists fire at Israeli civilians.

During the seven day period through October 27th, 2011, a total of 1,285 truckloads crossed over from Israel, carrying 34,657 tons of goods, medicine and development assistance for Gaza’s civilian population. 365 truckloads of construction aggregates were transferred into Gaza during this period.

In addition, 831 tons of cooking gas were transferred into Gaza while 276 patients and accompanying individuals exited Gaza for medical treatment and 126 international organization staff members entered the Strip. 34 truckloads of hygiene products were transferred into Gaza last week as well as 64 truckloads of electrical products.

Outlandish claims of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and the “starving of the Palestinians in Gaza” are made towards Israel from every corner of the world, and especially from the Arab press, but the real facts indicate just the opposite. The following pictures taken only a few weeks ago in Gaza City by an Arab photojournalist speak volumes of the “plight” of the “poor Palestinians”.

As you can see by the statistics, Gaza and West Bank men are #8 on the world obesity scale, and it’s women are ranked #3. The pictures and this video reveal markets overflowing with goods of every type – no wonder, considering the number of aid trucks carrying those products crossing over on a daily basis! Hardly a convincing case for Israel supposedly starving these people out. These are definitely pictures the Arab Press DOESN’T want you to see, because it would utterly destroy their propaganda machine about the supposed “mistreatment” of the Arabs in Gaza!


PA Official Expelled From Canada For Anti-Jewish Tweet

The Palestinian Authority envoy to Canada was told to leave the country Sunday after she tweeted a link to a video of an Arab girl calling for a “a war to raze oppression and injustice to destroy Jews.”

The PA official, Linda Sobeh Ali, told Canadian media that she had not seen the video which she sent on Twitter with the notation, “Check this out.” She apologized but charged that the incident was “intentionally magnified and misinterpreted by certain lobbying groups.”

A spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird told the Canadian newspaper Globe & Mail, “Canada expects the Palestinian Authority to appropriately deal with this serious transgression. We have taken the decision to limit communication with this official until a replacement is selected.”

Did Jews “Dominate” the African Slave Trade?

There has been a recent upsurge in the number of postings on video sharing sites such as YouTube and on certain internet blogs that charge, among other things, that Jews dominated the worldwide – and in particular, the African-American – slave trade during the 18th and 19th centuries. While it is no secret to historians – and it is well documented – that some Jews were involved in the slave trade during that period in history, the question is: did we dominate the practice, like the anti-Semitic pundits would have us believe?

The only historical conclusion I can draw is – no. Jews were a very small minority, both in trading and in ownership. Census records from the American South during the Civil War seem to indicate that all the Jewish slave owners and traders combined were a minute fraction of even the smallest single slave trading operation in the area.

If one wants to do honest research on the subject, they will discover that the majority of the blame for slavery can be laid squarely on the shoulders of Muslim and Christian rulers in Africa and Europe, who made up the majority of slavers throughout history, and the good, white, Protestant Christian owners of plantations across the Colonies who used them as cattle.

By the 1990′s this canard was so widely believed that the American Historical Association felt compelled to go on record to deplore and to condemn “as false any statement alleging that Jews played a disproportionate role in the exploitation of slave labor or in the Atlantic slave trade.” –

The AHA writes: “Atlantic slavery was an intercontinental enterprise extending over nearly four centuries. Ethnically, the participants included Arabs, Berbers, scores of African ethnic groups, Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards, Dutch, Jews, Germans, Swedes, French, English, Danes, white Americans, Native Americans, and even thousands of New World people of African descent who became slaveholding farmers or planters themselves.”

“Since Portugal and Spain barred Jews from their empires, and since, by the 16th century most of the Jews who weren’t either killed or converted in Western Europe had fled east ward, it was impossible for Jews to play more than a marginal role in a vast system that attracted tens of thousands of pagans, Muslims, Catholics, and Protestants.”

“Even in Holland and the Dutch colonies, where Jews were allowed to make their main “contribution” to New World slavery as merchants and planters, they always formed a minority. Similarly, Jews played only a nominal role in the slave system in the American South. Never more than a tiny fraction of the white population, they never formed more than a minuscule proportion of slaveholders.”

While slavery was and still is a vile and reprehensible practice, it does not seem to stop hate mongers from picking through the trash bins of history and coming up with with the outrageous canard that all Jews were somehow wholly complicit in, or that we dominated – the practice of slavery. We did not, and these propagandists are damned liars for saying so. I do not use the accusation lightly – I shout it loud and clear so everyone can understand.

That being said, I can somewhat understand their motives for participating in this bit of anti-Semitic screeching and mud-slinging. People who do this fall into one of several categories of Jew haters. The first and most vocal group are the Muslims. This I can definitely understand, because if I were a Muslim, and my people were actively involved in profiting off the slave trade for 1400 years – including Mohammed who, in 627 CE slaughtered 800 male Jews of the Banu Qurayza tribe in the city of Medina, then sold their wives and children into slavery – I would want to deflect a little of the blame myself.

Then there are the followers of Tony Martin, Ray Hagen, and Louis Farrakhan, who are race-baiters. They may not have personally benefited from the slave trade, but they certainly benefit from, and have gotten rich off of, pounding the anti-Semitic pulpit. An off shoot of this are the anti-Semites known as the Black Hebrew Israelites. Videos by their supporters on the subject have been uploaded onto YouTube with an alarming frequency.

Lastly, there are the white supremacist organizations, whether secular or religious. While they and their ancestors have and still do benefit from the world slave trade, and they would just as soon hang their above-mentioned fellow slave-trade believers like Martin from the nearest tree as to look at them, they also do it to deflect blame. It seems the descendants of the main perpetrators of American slavery want to deny their true history, so they jump on the “Jews dominated the slave trade” bandwagon with the rest of the mob. With the number of white supremacist leaders and their appointed spokespeople on the internet crawling into bed with the radical Muslims (also at an alarming rate), they have managed to secure their place in history as the true dhimmis of the Islamists.

In the end, the common denominator among all of these groups is anti-Semitism.

Frankly,  it is disheartening and rather sickening that humanity has sunk to such a low that it has to use scapegoats to deflect attention away from its own history of bigotry, intolerance, and hate; war, slavery, and conquest; murder and subjugation. Instead of meeting and overcoming the challenges head on like the rest of the civilized world, they choose to ignore the vast historical record of mans inhumanity to man, and concentrate all their efforts on hating, vilifying, and dehumanizing the one whipping boy everyone can rely on as a target – the Jews.

Abbas May Lose Out in United Nations

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ “Go for broke” strategy in the United Nations may backfire. He is counting on the backing of temporary Security Council member Brazil. which will leave the Security Council January 1 and be replaced by Guatemala, an unlikely supporter.

Abbas needs the support of nine of the 15 members of the Security Council to bring his bid for United Nations membership to the General Assembly or leave the United States in the uncomfortable role of party pooper by carrying out its vow to veto the motion.

Five new temporary members of the Council will be elected January 1, and Brazil will lose its place. Guatemala, which is running unopposed, has consistently backed the Palestinian Authority but “can be persuaded to abstain” by the United States, Jeff Laurenti, a U.N. analyst at Century Foundation, told the Bloomberg news service.

Brazil might be replaced by Azerbaijan, the only Muslim applicant for the Eastern European seat, but it is far from certain of being chosen as a temporary Security Council member.

Antisemite YouTuber T. West feeds the Jew-hating propaganda machine

Theautries West, or “T. West” as he is known on YouTube, is a particularly nasty African-American antisemite who blames Jews for everything from the recent Arab Spring uprisings to his children’s acne. Whatever the trouble or world situation, you can be sure Jews are behind it all, according to T. West.

West currently resides on YouTube as “Afrisynergy”, and Jews/Zionists are the target of his vitriol. He was suspended a couple of years ago by YouTube administration under the username “westthea” for hate speech directed towards Jews in Israel and the United States. West parrots pretty much every antisemitic canard ever dreamed up by Jew haters over the centuries.

In today’s hyper-connected world, one individual’s extremist rant on the Internet can quickly become fodder for a newspaper headline halfway around the world.

This was the case when West posted an incoherent tirade on YouTube last year, making the preposterous allegation that the much-lauded Israel Defense Forces mobile hospital unit in Haiti might be involved in stealing organs for profit. He now has over a dozen videos on YouTube making the same false allegations.

The whole concept is laughable to the rational mind, but West’s mind is anything but rational. He’s a paranoid schizophrenic with a persecution complex.

This is not a new thing. Antisemites of every stripe have been putting forth this propaganda for centuries, from the blood libels of the Middle Ages until today, when they claim the IDF kills Palestinians in order to harvest their organs to sell on the black market.

Several anti-Israel Web sites and Middle East news sources immediately picked up on and reported as credible the allegations made by West that Israel may be involved in stealing organs from earthquake victims. “Israel Harvesting Organs in Haiti?” asked a banner headline on the Web site of Press TV, a state-funded Iranian news channel. The answer was readily provided in the adjacent article, quoting directly from the “T. West” tirade.

How does such an outrageous accusation, made by someone virtually unknown ostensibly sitting in his living room with no information other than what he has read on the Internet and seen on television, get broadcast around the world in nano-seconds as the truth?

The answer is technology. The Internet has made it easy for anyone to “broadcast yourself” — as the YouTube saying goes — and many do so with nefarious intentions and without fear of consequences.

The Internet’s increasingly user-driven social-networking sites are a boon not only to those who put them to use for positive purposes — for getting out news and video from the anti-government protests in Iran, for example — but to those who spread incitement, malicious rumors, extremism and hatred.

We no longer live in the time when toxic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories spread slowly, through word-of-mouth, books, articles, or were contained within fringe groups and extremist activists. Today, within minutes, any spurious allegation posted online that casts a negative light on the Jewish state or Jews, no matter how dubious or untrustworthy the source, is repeated and spread and embraced as fact.

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