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Antisemite YouTuber T. West feeds the Jew-hating propaganda machine

Theautries West, or “T. West” as he is known on YouTube, is a particularly nasty African-American antisemite who blames Jews for everything from the recent Arab Spring uprisings to his children’s acne. Whatever the trouble or world situation, you can be sure Jews are behind it all, according to T. West.

West currently resides on YouTube as “Afrisynergy”, and Jews/Zionists are the target of his vitriol. He was suspended a couple of years ago by YouTube administration under the username “westthea” for hate speech directed towards Jews in Israel and the United States. West parrots pretty much every antisemitic canard ever dreamed up by Jew haters over the centuries.

In today’s hyper-connected world, one individual’s extremist rant on the Internet can quickly become fodder for a newspaper headline halfway around the world.

This was the case when West posted an incoherent tirade on YouTube last year, making the preposterous allegation that the much-lauded Israel Defense Forces mobile hospital unit in Haiti might be involved in stealing organs for profit. He now has over a dozen videos on YouTube making the same false allegations.

The whole concept is laughable to the rational mind, but West’s mind is anything but rational. He’s a paranoid schizophrenic with a persecution complex.

This is not a new thing. Antisemites of every stripe have been putting forth this propaganda for centuries, from the blood libels of the Middle Ages until today, when they claim the IDF kills Palestinians in order to harvest their organs to sell on the black market.

Several anti-Israel Web sites and Middle East news sources immediately picked up on and reported as credible the allegations made by West that Israel may be involved in stealing organs from earthquake victims. “Israel Harvesting Organs in Haiti?” asked a banner headline on the Web site of Press TV, a state-funded Iranian news channel. The answer was readily provided in the adjacent article, quoting directly from the “T. West” tirade.

How does such an outrageous accusation, made by someone virtually unknown ostensibly sitting in his living room with no information other than what he has read on the Internet and seen on television, get broadcast around the world in nano-seconds as the truth?

The answer is technology. The Internet has made it easy for anyone to “broadcast yourself” — as the YouTube saying goes — and many do so with nefarious intentions and without fear of consequences.

The Internet’s increasingly user-driven social-networking sites are a boon not only to those who put them to use for positive purposes — for getting out news and video from the anti-government protests in Iran, for example — but to those who spread incitement, malicious rumors, extremism and hatred.

We no longer live in the time when toxic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories spread slowly, through word-of-mouth, books, articles, or were contained within fringe groups and extremist activists. Today, within minutes, any spurious allegation posted online that casts a negative light on the Jewish state or Jews, no matter how dubious or untrustworthy the source, is repeated and spread and embraced as fact.


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7 thoughts on “Antisemite YouTuber T. West feeds the Jew-hating propaganda machine

  1. mah29001 on said:

    It’s apparent he also has a FaceBook page as well….among one of the organizations he promotes is the Council on American-Islamic Relations. You may want to do something on….that vile website has been spewing lies about Israel and never condemns any negative statements someone who happens to be Muslim for stating such a statement….but when everyone else states the same statement it’s wrong. is a typical “He said, she said” website except if the he or the she is part of the Islamic faith saying the same thing he or the she is saying about her other faith it’s totally ignored.

    • I’ll bet my next paycheck that this guy T.West is connected somehow to Islamic terror groups or their U.S. supporters.

      • mah29001 on said:

        Feel free to take a crack against this Jew-hater on YouTube, she’s quite the card in claiming Alex Jones is “controlled” by us Jews….even though Jones spewed on a YouTube video against a caller for calling him anti-Semitic even though he’s friends with Hamid Gul who is an ally of the al-Qaeda terror network:

      • Her account OriginalSavageChick was suspended by Youtube a few months ago, and she closed her OriginalMetalChick channel shortly after that. Besides this new one, she owns TeutonicWarriorChick and Artisan663. She’s one of the members of Scott Roberts’ Forbiddentruth hate site. A real piece of work.

        She, like so many other YouTube neo-nazis, lives in Florida. They must move there for the weather.

      • mah29001 on said:

        I am wondering what are your thoughts on Max Blumenthal being in bed with these anti-Semites who openly use his Jewish background to shield himself? Blumenthal would make the perfect example of a Jewish Nazi faction of Self-Hating Jews.

      • Here’s what’s Shit List has to say about Max:

        Blumenthal, Max – This son of former Clinton administration presidential aide, Sidney Blumenthal, is an American liberal investigative journalist, columnist, documentary filmmaker and sick Self-Hating Israel-Threatening [S.H.I.T.] Jew. His work has been featured on The (socialist) Nation, the (anti-Israel) Washington Monthly, (pro-Arab/Muslim) Al Jazeera, (far-left radical) Alternet, (left-leaning) Huffington Post, and (commie) Salon Magazine. All of these outlets are dedicated to liberalism and/or progressivism while Al Jazeera is dedicated to taking down both Israel and America! Useful idiots like Blumenthal play a major role in their success.

        Growing up, Blumenthal said, Zionism was never discussed [nice job, Sid!] After President Bush launched the War on Terror following 9-11, Blumenthal said, he was upset to hear rabbis at High Holiday services drawing parallels between Israel’s fight against “Palestinian militants” [= Arab terrorists] and America’s war on al-Qaida.

        Blumenthal, who refers to Israel as “IsraHell”, wrote “I wanted to describe myself as a liberal Zionist, but there was no way the liberal values I’d been raised on were not compatible with Zionism.” We at think liberalism is a mental disorder and Blumenthal is a worse case scenario!

  2. mah29001 on said:

    I am also curious if you can take a crack at which is another vile anti-Semitic website which blames Israel for 9/11, and also states how Israel “supported” Gaddafi in spite of Gaddafi’s own statements and various conspiracy claims of Israel being “behind” the JFK assassination.

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