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Transfer of Goods into Terrorist Gaza Continues

The Israeli government continues to enable humanitarian measures and general transfers of goods and services to Gaza, even as Gaza terrorists fire at Israeli civilians.

During the seven day period through October 27th, 2011, a total of 1,285 truckloads crossed over from Israel, carrying 34,657 tons of goods, medicine and development assistance for Gaza’s civilian population. 365 truckloads of construction aggregates were transferred into Gaza during this period.

In addition, 831 tons of cooking gas were transferred into Gaza while 276 patients and accompanying individuals exited Gaza for medical treatment and 126 international organization staff members entered the Strip. 34 truckloads of hygiene products were transferred into Gaza last week as well as 64 truckloads of electrical products.

Outlandish claims of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and the “starving of the Palestinians in Gaza” are made towards Israel from every corner of the world, and especially from the Arab press, but the real facts indicate just the opposite. The following pictures taken only a few weeks ago in Gaza City by an Arab photojournalist speak volumes of the “plight” of the “poor Palestinians”.

As you can see by the statistics, Gaza and West Bank men are #8 on the world obesity scale, and it’s women are ranked #3. The pictures and this video reveal markets overflowing with goods of every type – no wonder, considering the number of aid trucks carrying those products crossing over on a daily basis! Hardly a convincing case for Israel supposedly starving these people out. These are definitely pictures the Arab Press DOESN’T want you to see, because it would utterly destroy their propaganda machine about the supposed “mistreatment” of the Arabs in Gaza!


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7 thoughts on “Transfer of Goods into Terrorist Gaza Continues

  1. mah29001 on said:

    Even scary enough….in the USA Ron Paul who is trying to gain steam made up claims that Gaza is a “concentration camp”, his views are shared with current British Prime Minister David Cameron who has been accused of being tied with Rupert Murdorph and his FOXNews/SkyNews corp.

    Strange there are anti-Semites that depict Murdorph as a supporter of Israel….but what kind od a supporter of Israel would he be if he hires Judge Andrew Napolitano and other commentators who are mainstreamizing Ron Paul?

    • mah29001 on said:

      This is from 2009 of Ron Paul, a possible leading Republican candidate for President for 2012 stating Gaza’s a “concentration camp” on Iranian-state run television PressTV:

    • Ron Paul is a ranting loon. While I have some libertarian views myself, I find him entirely out of touch with reality. I also observed that the same people that put up signs for the racist third-position psychopath William Johnson are putting up Ron Paul signs. Although Paul officially withdrew his endorsement of Johnson once word of Johnson’s egregious racism leaked out, the two campaigns are so completely intertwined, you couldn’t pull them apart with the jaws of life.

      What is it that separates Ron Paul from the racists he only most recently denounced? The answer is obvious…there is no difference. Paul will use support from people across a broad spectrum of the democratic process and take their money. Because Ron Paul has $2,000 a plate fund raisers at the home of a White Supremacist does that make him a racist? Maybe not, but breaking bread with these racist assholes sure makes Paul look suspect. Any honest person would not be able to tell the difference.

      The anti-immigrant rhetoric of Ron Paul’s platform looks innocent enough until you look into who sponsored his agenda over the years with money. Follow the money back to its source and you will find how Ron Paul created a populist movement much as Hitler did with his anti-immigrant movement in the 30’s. The brown shirts of NAZI Germany were the enforcement arm of Hitler’s anti-immigration policies just as the rabid Ron Paul fanatics are on the internet today.

      • mah29001 on said:

        They often thrash at whenever there’s an anti-Ron Paul page up….along with also purposely rating anti-Paul YouTube videos down. They’re Fascists.

        They ironically have the support of the Wall Street protests and the hacktivist group Anonymous….they’re also affiliated with the John Birch Society, the Kremlin-run Russia Today and also the neo-Confederate website Paul’s also friends with Alex Jones, the arch 9/11 “Truther” leader who is responsible for helping to revive the modern day anti-Semitism.

        I will not vote for Ron Paul in this election even if he does end up being the nominee….I will even force myself to become a Blue Dog Democrat than a Republican should he manage to win.

        This economic crisis which Obama has made worse is helping to propel someone as sinister and dark like Ron Paul into politics. His son Rand is trying to be more “moderate” than his father….but I have seen anti-Semites endorse him on YouTube claiming that the “neo-Conservatives” or the Jews won’t let the Pauls in the White House.

        Disgustingly enough even FOXNews is helping Ron Paul via Andrew Napolitano and even Glenn Beck to a degree when it comes to the FED issue.

      • mah29001 on said:

        There was a 2007 forum on a white supremacist website featuring the neo-Nazi leader Bill White admitting to have policy meetings with the Ron Paul camp and people….Paul’s own Campaign for Liberty people often are also aired on Alex Jones’ YouTube channel show…straight from the admission of Alex Jones himself.

      • mah29001 on said:

        Here’s the admission from the neo-Nazi scum Bill White:

  2. TomCraudfield on said:

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    Tom Craudfield
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