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Despite Hamas’ Terror Attacks, Aid To Gaza Continues

Aid convoys crossing into Gaza from Israel

Despite rocket attacks on Southern Israel by the terror group Hamas, humanitarian aid continues to flow into Gaza. Nearly 5,000 truckloads of aid, from food to medical supplies, crosses over every month. In September, 4945 truckloads (136,785 tons) of commercial goods were delivered through Kerem Shalom Crossing, including:

1728 truckloads of food.
54 truckloads of cloths and footwear.
131 truckloads of unputs for agriculture.
1503 truckloads of construction materials.
66 truckloads of electric products.
261 truckloads of ceramics and plumbing.
22 truckloads of sport equipment, vehicles, washing machines and refrigerators.

The transfer of cooking gas continued throughout the month; overall, 2,575 tons of cooking gas were transferred into the Gaza Strip. 

This month, 3,295 Palestinian individuals exited the Gaza Strip through Erez crossing. Overall, 3,045 permits were issued to Palestinians for exiting the Gaza Strip; including:

1,522 permits for medical treatment (762 patients and 760 for accompanying individuals).
57 permits for International Organizations’ employees.
26 permits for medical conventions.
33 permits for attending weddings, funerals and visiting family.

66 meetings with private businessmen and other representatives were held. During September, 1,455 businessmen exited the Gaza Strip.

163 projects, funded by the international community, were approved, out of which:

35 projects were completed.
57 projects are under implementation.


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